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Humans of Cardiology is an opportunity for PaACC members to share motivating stories about their personal and professional lives and was inspired by the wildly popular Humans of New York series.  These stories will showcase the compassion shown, as well as the hardships and triumphs members go through, as medical professionals. Our goal is to connect our members via these posts and reveal the uniqueness of our field through testimonials from our community. Submit a Humans of Cardiology story now to be featured in an upcoming post!

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Current Edition

I Think About the Son - July 2021 - Glenn Cooper, MD, FACC

Past Editions  

Taking Time - June 2021 - Karen Lee, PA-C

Reflections on Starting Residency in the Middle of a Global Pandemic - February 2021 - Jessica Oh, MD

We Never Know - January 2021 - Elaine Strohl, PA-C, AACC

Saturday Morning Zooms: The Distancing That Brought Us Together - July 2020 - Kinan Kassar, MD 

Patients Can Heal Doctors As Well - June 2020 - Ricardo A. Nieves, MD 

‘Doctor’s Touch’: An Outpatient Perspective - May 2020 - Syed Bukhari , MD  

Times Such As These - April 2020 - Ricardo A. Nieves, MD

The First Time - February 2020 - Amber Johnson, MD, MBA, FACC

Embrace Diversity in Our Profession - January 2020 - Marietta S. Ambrose, MD, MPH, FACC

The Gift - July 2019 - Joseph Gascho MD, FACC

Mentors, Your Words Matter - May 2019 - Anum Saeed, MD

Moments Later He Wasn't There Anymore, But There Was a Connection - March 2019 - Mehrdad Ghahramani, MD

These Words Sent Chills Up My Spine - February 2019 - Anneka Oliver MHA, BSN, RN, RCIS

I Would Be No Better at Making Decisions than the Patient's Wife - January 2019 - Sheng Fu, MD

Medicine Saves; Teamwork  Prevails - October 2018 - Zaid Ammari, MD

Credibility is Important - September 2018 - Andrew R. Waxler, MD, FACC

Let's Start a Discussion - August 2018 - Anonymous

Jimmy - July 2018 - Joseph C. Kraynak, MD, FACC

Keep an Open Mind - June 2018 - Amr F. Barakat, MBBCh 

Providing a Good Death - May 2018 - Riaz Rahman, MD

Thoughtfully Connect - April 2018 - Jenna Kay, MD

This is the Time to Sign Up - March 2018 - Amber Makani, MD

Respect and Dignity - February 2018 - Anonymous

Women in the Field of Cardiology - December 2017 - Malamo Countouris, MD

Fake News - November 2017 - Parasuram M. Krishnamoorthy, MD 

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