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Welcome to the Fellows-in-Training section of the Pennsylvania Chapter, American College of Cardiology website. While enrolled in a Pennsylvania training program, we hope you will participate in the PaACC FIT activities for interaction, networking, collaboration and forums for those in cardiovascular training programs within the state.  Contact a Fellow Representative if you would like to get involved with the Pennsylvania Chapter of the ACC.  

Financial Well-being: Take the Time to Plan Your Future

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Take Action!

Dear Pennsylvania Fellows-In-Training Community, 

I am delighted to write to you as your FIT representative from the Western PaACC side. We have already had some important webinars this year on “The ABCs of ACC: Why ACC is Your Cardiology Home”, “Women in Cardiology” and advocacy. We are in the process of scheduling more to fit your needs – stay tuned.

2020 has been and continues to be a challenging year for all of us. We find ourselves in a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic, there is political divisiveness in in our country, and the reality of the social injustices experienced by so many in this country has become more visible. In March of 2020 the Journal of the American Heart Association published an opinion addressing diversity in medical and cardiology training within the United States. Following a large and public backlash for its unsubstantiated and controversial conclusion, the paper would later be officially redacted by JAHA. Given the topic and nature of the opinion piece, the FITs and I at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center felt an urgent sense of responsibility to voice a response. We were honored to contribute a unanimously agreed upon piece to strongly support a more equitable future in cardiovascular medicine and some recommendations on how to achieve this.

This piece entitled “A More Equitable Future of Cardiovascular Medicine - A Vision of Cardiovascular Fellows in Training” which will be published in the 2020 AHA FIT Fall Newsletter. Click here to read our piece.

We are delighted to invite other Fellows in Training throughout the state of Pennsylvania, the leaders of tomorrow, to endorse a change to the PaACC vision to endorse the expanded PaACC vision that will 'build towards an equity-based future.'

Please sign this response as we seek to also publish this addition to our vision within the Pennsylvania Chapter of the ACC website in the next month.  

I look forward to serving our dedicated statewide FIT community for the next year with Dr. Kaitlyn Ibrahim, FIT Representative for Eastern Pennsylvania.


Ricardo Andrés Nieves, MD

Cardiology Fellow, PGY-V

FIT Representative, Western Pennsylvania


FITs receive complimentary membership in the ACC and the Pennsylvania Chapter through training directors, who will submit your information to us so that you may receive complimentary membership in the College for the duration of your training. Questions? Contact ACC’s Kristin West at kwest@acc.org. 

Career Resources and Job Search Tools

Begin your job search with these websites recommended by your peers. All sites have cardiology specialty listings.

How is professional social media useful to FITs?

Social media is an important way for Fellows to network, stay current on news and new studies, and build your reputation and circle of influence.  The world of social media can be overwhelming, but it is also informative, engaging, and leads to relationship building. 
Twitter: @PaChapterACC
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Instagram: @Pennsylvania_ACC_Chapter

If you already have Twitter and Facebook, great!  Make sure you tag us @PaChapterACC on Twitter and Retweet our posts.  A couple hashtags to use on Twitter and Facebook are #PaACCFIT when posting about FIT experiences and #PaACC for general chapter posts.  
Below are some ACC Twitter sites, leaders, and journals to follow: 
@ACCCardioED – for ACC Education meetings
@ACCinTouch – ACC Publications, Guidelines, New Studies and News
@CardioSmart – ACC Patient Education
@Cardiology – ACC Advocacy
@Cardio10 – Kim Williams
@HeartBobH – Robert Harrington
Social media is the best tool to connect with and learn from healthcare leaders. If you haven’t tried it yet, we hope this information is helpful to get started. 

“Burning Down the House”
Balance and Burnout in Cardiologists

Date: January 27, 2021

Time: 6:30pm EST

Location: Zoom

Join Sam Sears, PhD, Professor in the Departments of Psychology and Cardiovascular Sciences at East Carolina University for an important conversation.

Burnout in cardiologists has been identified as an occupational hazard for the cardiology workforce. Recent data indicated that cardiologists reported the most burnout of any physician subspecialty. This talk focuses on identifying the signs and symptoms of burnout and possible self-care and self-compassion strategies to achieve work-life balance and increased contentment.

Learning Objectives:  At the conclusion of the program the learner will be able to:

    • Identify the three elements of burnout symptoms
    • Examine both context and individual factors as predictors of burnout in cardiologists
    • Prescribe three specific strategies for managing symptoms of burnout

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    • ACC.org, JACC Journals, other ACC products provide a wealth of material for your cardiology education
    • The ACC is invested in your career development & has numerous resources to help launch the type of career you want to have
    • Through the ACC, you can learn important leadership, networking, and advocacy skills
    • You will meet lifelong colleagues, friends, and mentors 
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